On Saying Goodbye to Acquaintances

paulo coelho on goodbye.jpgMaybe it is someone you went to school with years ago, or sat beside on a bus, or an airplane. Maybe you had a conversation with someone you met while sitting on a bench in a mall, or at an amusement park, aquarium, or a zoo.  You could have met another family while on vacation.  In any case, there are scores of these people in each of our minds and memories.

We may recall their words and wonder what happened to them.  If you remember their last name, you may try to look them up on social media. It is human nature to connect. It is human nature to be curious.

Having worked at several jobs, there have been jobs where I became fast friends with someone, but after I left (or they left) we never saw each other again. And that is okay.

It really is. I’m not trying to be funny. It is okay for people to come and go in our lives. In fact, it has often been this way in the annals of history.

When I was young, I used to bemoan every such loss. Now that I am older, I know that there will be others. My heart has room for all of them. And I know how to let them go.  I don’t worry and upset myself over abrupt departures. I don’t cry or get upset. Instead, I meditate with wonderment about how different we all are. How unique and beautiful we are in our own skin. I think about what it means to love our brethren.

I am not a reactionary person like my younger self. My peace is deep and content and I am all the better for it.


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