Settling is Heartbreaking

happy under red skyFor much of my life, I have settled.  By settling, I mean I have lived less than the life I had imagined. I believe that success can only be determined by the person experiencing it.

People try to direct me, but their definition of success is so far removed from mine that they will never understand. I am interested in legacy building. I want to create something that will last. I want to be content in what I do. I want to lighten someone’s burden in a tangible way.

I want to experience life on a daily basis, have great conversations, meet interesting people, hear about interesting places. I want to learn something new, hear about times of old, create memories I will cherish.

I want to have incredible loves, sing songs loudly, make a fool of myself. I want to be ALIVE and quivering with possibilities. I want to connect and contemplate and meditate and live in wonder of the mysteries I will never know the answers to.

I don’t want to leave words unsaid between me and others. I want to articulate how I feel without worry or need for remorse. No regrets.

That is all.

Settling is heartbreaking.


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