Living like a Boss


I love Bruce Springsteen. He was sentimental without apology in his music during a time when it was going against the grain to do so. In his song, “Hungry Heart,” he has this line, “I took a wrong turn and I just kept going.” Now, I know that line is part of a whole song about home and all that, but I found myself thinking about that one line.

When I was young, I mean like really young, elementary school age, I wanted to be a journalist. I still like to write, in fact, it is more than a hobby for me. It could best be described as a compulsion. But that isn’t really how I have ended up earning my living.

Several times, throughout my life, I have determined that I was going to join a certain profession. In college, I double majored in History and English. I had a minor in theater and a concentration in theology. I felt like I had a call to ministry.

I don’t know what happened. In my volunteer work in communities, I found myself using all the skills that I had learned in other capacities. To do things like grant writing, economic development, etc. I “took a wrong turn and I just kept going.”

It comes back to following my passion. Interestingly enough, no matter how passionate I am about something, I have found there are always other things about which I can feel passionate. It is wrong-headed to think that we must pick just one thing to do or to be for the rest of our life.

Our life may take all sorts of “wrong turns.” In the end, we may find that the circumstances that caused the change were happy accidents. I still feel a call to ministry. That is part of me. But there is freedom in accepting that I am many more things as well.

If you are confused about what to to next with your life, I suggest a “reboot.” Take a vacation, do a getaway, come to Land of the Arches. Observing nature has a way of rejuvenating us and getting us ready for our next adventure.



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