The Conversations

It has occurred to me this week that, most of the time, we go through the motions of life without ever having really come to know the people around us. I am not necessary talking about the people we pass by in the grocery store, or the people we sit beside of in a restaurant, […]

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Living like a Boss

I love Bruce Springsteen. He was sentimental without apology in his music during a time when it was going against the grain to do so. In his song, “Hungry Heart,” he has this line, “I took a wrong turn and I just kept going.” Now, I know that line is part of a whole song […]

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On the Value of Silence

I have heard recently about noise pollution and how it is disrupting wildlife habitats, among other things. Traditionally, human beings were not uncomfortable with silence. In fact, in the days of the hunters and gatherers, it was necessary. If a person could not hold their tongue, they might scare away the fish or the deer. […]

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The Time Before Ours

The United States, relatively speaking, has a short history. I mean, in the way that it was conceived and the time it was organized. But the land that makes up the United States has a very long history and a very different conception. Sometimes, on a beautiful morning, or watching a beautiful sunset at night, […]

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