The Key

Many people have met David Terrill, the Chief of our Tribe, here at Land of the Arches. He owns LOTA in the Red River Gorge which is just about equal distances from some of the major rock climbing attractions in the area, including Muir Valley, Miller’s Fork, and PMRP. There is a large building on […]

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While many tribes may have a shared ancestral heritage and are biologically related, the real difference exists in their culture. I can’t help but notice that rock climbers, trail runners, bicyclists, and others have a unique culture.  They have their own jargon, their own ideas about health and nature, recycling and sustainability. As compared to […]

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day that always touches my heart because my wonderful Dad adopted me. I keep telling him how great he is for doing that, but Dad always acts as if it was no big deal.  But it is. He married my mother when I was two, and by the time I was […]

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City Girl Living in Kentucky

I moved to Kentucky just over 10 years ago.  Any time someone moves from one region to another, there is bound to be some culture shock–something that takes getting accustomed to. Sometimes, as with the case of me coming to Kentucky, it takes getting used to the culture. My parents and grandparents were from Kentucky, […]

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Camping as You Get Older

Years ago, as a young, married woman with two children we decided to go camping. Mind you, I had always loved to camp as a child. Over the years, I had developed claustrophobia. The small, dome tents were too much for me. It ended badly for us as we wound up driving home (not my decision) […]

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The People Who Stayed

We had a bustling weekend. They tell me it is nothing like the crowd in the fall. Apparently, there are two climbing seasons that are best for climbers. One is in Spring when it gets warm enough, and the other is in the fall.  I didn’t know this. One climber told me that if it […]

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